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There are certain reasons for canceling your order; & nbsp;
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  • If your profile is hidden, your order will be canceled, please check your privacy.
  • For some services You will only be asked to enter a user name instead of a link. Attention: If you place the order for the second time when you receive the maximum delivery amount of services, your order will be canceled. please contact us at support.
  • has a single balance upload method. PayTR infrastructure is integrated to the system 24/7. PayTR has two different options. If you want to pay via PayTR, you will need to make a remittance notification after sending the money transfer to PayTR accounts.This does not take too long.The PayTR method is a much faster and easier method and your balance uploads are automatically approved and The payments you make with PayTR are protected with the 3D Secure system and are encrypted. In every transaction you make with your credit card, SMS is sent to you by your bank and SMS confirmation is received 3D Secure System never holds any card information or personal information. You can pay securely. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

    This is an interface for inter-program communication, known as Application Programming Interface, you can connect and sell our API to your own website with the help of our API documentation. For this you need to have a simple programming knowledge. You can contact our SMM provider to link our API. We do not provide technical support for API connections except our dealers.

    The followers we send to your accounts consist entirely of personal accounts and the sent accounts have the freedom to follow up. To give an example, you don't want to follow the people you don't know, in this case the followers do not recognize you. completely different in-active account because they become aware of these accounts after a while instagram and remove the account from the instagram or drop the approval is reflected in the fall of the buddha. does not guarantee any of the followers and this situation is clearly stated in the contract.

    Some of your completed orders will be returned automatically. In this case, we recommend you to re-order. In case of spam filtering by system or providers, you may try again the other day or you may prefer different services. the reason is that the server is not able to send as much as the amount you have received at the moment and some of our services are constantly sending incomplete, this varies depending on the cost, usually the expensive services are better and more robust, in this case we recommend you to turn to expensive servers.